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The Mountfair Family

Our family includes the many folks we call friends — from our valued suppliers to our most enthusiastic customer — and we seek personal relationships with all of the people who touch Mountfair.   Mountfair is led by the husband and wife team of Lizzy Kellinger and Chris Yordy.  Chris tends the grapes, Lizzy makes the wine, and they both spend significant time behind the tasting room bar. Jane Freeman manages our ever growing wine club, and behind the bar you’ll find some of the most interesting people in the industry — or should we say other industries?  A master gardener, two educators, a meteorologist, and engineer, and a writer are among our dedicated folks up front. Allen Freeman, Jason Jacks, Kathy and Barry Kelly, Joan Maute, and Jane will make you feel at home at every club event — and point you to a great restaurant or farmers market.

“Customer" doesn’t quite do justice to our friends who have joined the wine club.  Like our staff, they are the reason Mountfair exists and are considered part of our family.  One of our greatest joys is seeing our club members interact with the wine — and each other.  At all club events, you’ll see our family enjoying the music, enjoying the reds and enjoying each other.   Good folks seem to find this place; we hope you’ll join us.